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Building airflow analysis has been one of TDMG`s greatest area of growth over the last 5 years. As energy efficiency and consumption become more important, the building industry is gradually turning to ways of increasing overall building thermal performance. Buildings in the US account for 40% of the US energy consumption, there is therefore a huge potential for energy and cost savings associated with efficient design of buildings.


TDMG has been involved in the airflow analysis of buildings since the year 2000. Initially, the analysis performed were reserved for pharmaceutical cleanrooms, however, as our expertise came to be recognized, we quickly expanded into other building types including: data centers, indoor waterparks, indoor swimming pools, modeling of fire escapes routes, assessment of human comfort, atriums, hydrogen gas ventilation, and others.


CFD may be used to evaluate a number of building design issues such as human comfort, contamination, external building flows, etc. CFD simulation will assist in obtaining a clearer understanding of the heating and cooling requirements for certain types of building constructions and assess whether there is a need to take supplementary design action - for example, the heating and cooling requirements of atriums. CFD may also be used to obtain certain credits towards LEED® certification. Specifically, EQ Credit 2 states: For naturally ventilated spaces, provide airflow simulation results including location of inlets, outlets, and flow patterns.   



































In support of its extensive electronics cooling design capabilities, TDMG inaugurated its flow and thermal test lab in 2006. The lab, an 800 square foot facility, is to be used for flow testing and thermal characterization of electronic cooling and other general applications. TDMG’s windtunnel facility can generate flows up to 750 CFM. The lab contains state of the art pressure, temperature, and flow measurement devices and data logging equipment.


If you have any questions regarding the above or for a specific design question which you may have, please contact us and we will be pleased to help you.

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