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TDMG provides a wide range of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analyses and consulting services. In addition to specialized areas of application (such as electronics cooling and building airflow analysis), TDMG also performs flow and thermal analysis for systems of a more general nature. TDMG has considerable experience in a number of industries and has been providing CFD analysis and consulting services since 1999 to a wide range of clients.


As examples of this, TDMG has performed the following types of projects for various customers in different industries:



Our expertise in general applications allow us to provide a wide range of services to our many customers in various industries.


If you have any questions regarding the above or for a specific design question which you may have, please contact us and we will be pleased to help you.


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Thermal analysis for

for commercial freezer seal

Thermal testing for greenhouse

plant heating system

Flow & thermal simulation for electrical generator rotor

Industrial ball valve pressure drop and Cv

Flow / vibration analysis for vortex

induced vibration

CFD and Thermal Analysis Extrusion Mold
CFD Valve
CFD Analysis Valve CV
Vibration Analysis Flutter

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Thermal analysis for

polymer injection die