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Thermal design and electronics cooling is one of TDMG’s major area of specialization, covering every type of electronic equipment imaginable from table top units to outdoor equipment. TDMG has been performing thermal design and heat transfer analysis in this market segment since its beginnings in 1999 and has acquired a significant amount of experience as well as prototype and manufacturing capabilities. Please see the Cooling Products page for more details.


TDMG’s thermal design capabilities are significant from CFD analysis (flow and thermal analysis), to consulting on thermal issues, to physical testing in our flow and thermal test lab.


The objective or our services are to provide pertinent thermal design data that will lead to the following benefits for our customers:


We achieve these objectives by performing a variety of thermal and heat transfer analyses depending on the needs of our client. These vary from concept level evaluations, component placement, detailed component modeling, heatsink optimization, system level analyses, and physical testing. The type of heat transfer analysis used will depend on the design requirements and will typically vary from customer to customer.








































In support of its extensive electronics cooling design capabilities, TDMG inaugurated its flow and thermal test lab in 2006. The lab, an 800 square foot facility, is to be used for flow testing and thermal characterization of electronic cooling and other general applications. TDMG’s windtunnel facility can generate flows up to 250 CFM. The lab contains state of the art pressure, temperature, and flow measurement devices and data logging equipment.


If you have any questions regarding the above or for a specific design question which you may have, please contact us and we will be pleased to help you.


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Concept level analysis

Board level / layout analysis

Component detail level analysis

System level analysis


Validation testing



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