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One of TDMG`s customer developed a new technology battery system which could function in high temperature conditions, making the battery an ideal candidate for indoor and outdoor telecommunications enclosures. The battery required a compression  system to hold all the cells together at pre-determined compression levels. TDMG developed a compression system that would allow the required compression level to be maintained throughout the surface of each cell. Since the cells were approximately 6 x 8 inches, the compression system had to be sufficiently rigid to avoid warping and thus create uneven pressure distribution at the cells. The compression system also to be light in order that it could be handled easily as well as providing cable management features.


The final design involved a spring loaded polypropylene / aluminium design which permitted easy attachment of the battery and related cables. In order to assess the pressure distribution, a finite element stress analysis was performed using Ansys Workbench. The analysis demonstrated that the pressure variations in the cells were within limits, meeting the design specifications.


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