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Early in 2006 TDMG embarked on a major development program in conjunction with a customer developing high performance computing servers. The objective of this development program was to develop a hybrid liquid cooling system for a compute card having 4 high power CPUs, communications card, and related components. The task at hand was complex and involved the complete development from concept to production. The development was completed in 2008 with delivery of 10 initial production units.


The development program consisted of providing a cooling system that could cool down 4 Intel CPUs, each of them developing between 95W - 125W. The design consisted of a micro-channel brazed heat exchanger, multiple pumps for circulating the coolant, low permeability FEP tubing, brazed copper coldplates with fine pitch pedestal design. The cooling system was rated to operate at 40C or below for a minimum of 50,000 hours.


The program carried through to initial production parts delivery. The design process included concept design, thermal analysis, detail design, initial prototyping, component and overall system testing, as well as initial production process development. The final design met the required thermal performance criteria set-out at the onset of the program.


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