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TDMG was chosen to help develop surgical equipment for a startup Canadian company offering novel surgical procedures. The surgical equipment developed is related to specialized suturing and ways of applying these sutures. This project is currently underway with initial prototypes already made. The concepts in this development program involve minute features which can only be produced using micro-injection molding techniques. The project is shifting to testing, after which, it is expected that final fine-tuning will be performed on the design prior to beginning the regulatory approval process and manufacturing process development.


In related fields, TDMG has assisted a number of medical and pharmaceutical companies in developing some of their products. Another project involved the design and

development of a heat exchanger unit for an intra-vascular temperature management system. This system provides cooling or heating to patients who may be in critical  condition or undergoing surgery.  TDMG’s role consisted of developing the heat exchanger part of the system by performing CFD (flow and thermal) analysis of the system. The results were used to optimize the heat exchanger section of the unit.


Yet another medical project involved the analysis of a collet feature on a dental device. The collet had specific requirements in terms of when it needed to engage and disengage. These requirements involved load application as well as centrifugal force effects due to rotation. In order to optimize the collet geometry, a finite element analysis was performed to estimate deflections under various applied forces. The results of this work allowed the customer to properly dimension the collet so that it would perform as requested under all operating loads and conditions.


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