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TDMG worked on the development of a desktop laser test unit along with Arrisphere Design LLC in North Carolina. The development program involved both mechanical definition of the test unit as well as thermal analysis to ensure it could meet the required operational specifications.


TDMG contributed on the thermal side of the project by performing a complete thermal analysis of the unit, identifying the best architecture to allow the unit to meet functional, thermal, and reliability specifications. The thermal analysis was initially performed at a conceptual level in order to assess the performance of preferred layouts. Once the conceptual work confirmed which layout yielded best temperature results, the analysis was performed again in greater detail to identify those components and modules requiring further heatsinking or cooling.


In addition to the thermal analysis, TDMG performed the mechanical design of  the unit. TDMG was responsible for full mechanical definition of the unit except for the front cover. This included defining the sheet metal components, fasteners, assembly requirements, tolerances, detail and assembly drawings. TDMG also assisted the customer in initial prototyping of the unit (alpha prototype).


The final CAD model as well as the final product are shown above. The graphic on the right represents the vector plot showing the air velocities and flow direction for representative operating conditions.


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